During my time working on Pepsi's Twitter and Instagram accounts, we grew their audience by over 650,000 followers, and received hundreds of thousands of little hearts, both likes and faves.

Speaking of hearts, I drank a Pepsi Max once a day and now my heart rate is permanently faster. Just Kidding. 

Your future looks very refreshing 


When the bunny gets hooked on a theme #BigPepsiFan


Baseball season is right around the corner! 

Cherry Blossoms_Final_Instagram.jpg

They should throw festivals for this stuff! 

If flowers mean I love you, what do hotdogs mean? #NationalHotDogDay

When there's no wifi on the beach 


Getting fooled never tasted so good #AprilFools 


Discover everyone's future-favorite bands tonight on the #Woodies @MTV


Everybody's favorite study buddy #finals


The sweetest crib on the block 


It's finally jean jacket season, y'all! 

Remember, if you've got a prime spot, call "fives" before you run to the fridge. #PepsiHalftime party prep.

Can’t rain on this parade #AprilShowers


If you don't have 15 vintage Pepsi bottles, succulents will do


If you don't have at least one wild sibling, it's probably you #NationalSiblingsDay

Help fulfill this grilled cheese sandwich's last wish! #NationalGrilledCheeseDay


It’s restock o’clock! Only a few minutes left before the #PepsiHalftime Show!

When you've got 100 summer birthday parties... #sayitwithPepsi

When the movie theater is at capacity... #sayitwithPepsi

When you told everyone to come over for a home cooked meal... #sayitwithPepsi 

To old friends and new colas #1893PepsiCola 

Best Friends_002-Edit_Twitter_v02.jpg

Gimp? Lanyard? Boondoggle? Whatever you call it-- It’s #NationalBestFriendsDay! Make your bestie a bracelet!

A race with two winners 

You've got impeccable taste

When the universe gives you a sign, drink it! 

We're only one half of a football game away from the biggest music event of the year #PepsiHalftime!


Maybe we overdid it with our blue dip, but we’re going all out for #PepsiHalftime!


When you’ve got Pepsi, a good picnic is only a blanket away

Can going up on a tuesday

TFW you're a landscape designer but you like to party

Solar powered summer #sayitwithPepsi

Feels great to get back out on the field #FantasyFootball 


ARGGHH What be a pirates favorite bevvy? #itbePepsi #TalkLikeAPirateDay

We love America so much we're seeing fireworks! ✨✨


Presented without comment


Beach bum #StarterKit #SayItWithPepsi 


Who doth splash on Pepsi Palace?!

Pool party precautions

In the wilderness, we must always be prepared

What's the big idea?

Swish, nothing but fizz #MarchMaddness

You know the rules, after Labor Day #WhereWhateverYouWant 

An end zone dance you can do right in your living room!

Hear that? It's an ocean... of Pepsi

Give dad something he'll actually use this #FathersDay

We are Lollapa-losing it over this years lineup! #Lollapalooza 

With Dhiya Choudary at the Barbarian Group