If someone put a gun to my head and asked me to choose which celebrity chef I'd rather be, 
I would whisper, "Ina Garten!"
...But I would think Sandra Lee.

I am Adele Computer



Digitas LBI, New York, NY
Copywriter | T-Mobile, American Express, Xfinity, Comcast Business
March 2017- 

The Barbarian Group, New York, NY
Copywriter | Pepsi
January 2016- February 2017

Publicis, New York, NY
Freelance Copywriter | Proctor & Gamble
December 2015

Mekanism, New York, NY
Copywriter | Turner Cable, Jack Links, Ben & Jerry's, PepsiCo
October 2014- November 2015

Barton F. Graf 9000, New York, NY
Freelance Copywriter | Little Caesar's, Mars Inc. 
September 2014

Walrus, New York, NY
Copywriter | Creative
May 2013- August 2014

Deutsch Inc. New York, NY
Copywriting Intern | Creative
June-August 2012

Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, PA
Assistant | Case Management
December 2007-June 2010

VCU Brandcenter
Richmond, VA
M.S. Copywriting
Graduation: May, 2013

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
B.A. Advertising: Copywriting
Graduation: May, 2010

Temple University
London, UK
Summer, 2009